T-133 Bucker Jungmeister Air Res Aviation
T-131 Bucker Jungmeister Air Res Aviation
Remonty, naprawa, wypożyczanie sprzętu diagnostycznego do samolotów Air Res Aviation Sp. z o.o.
Szkoła lotnicza Air Res Rzeszów

About us

Air Res Aviation

Air Res Aviation. Born from passion. Fuelled by precision.

  • We offer high quality aircraft maintenance services and continuous airworthiness maintenance. Our entry gate is located next to the airport’s main runway, so upon landing call for taxi clearance to our company.

  • We are proud builders/renovators of the legendary T-131 Jungmann. We also renovate aircraft and assembly kits. We make wooden, metal and laminate parts. We have made a several wing sets for Stampe SV-4.

  • We provide mobile avionics testing equipment for rent.

  • We are a proud founders of the Air-Res Training Center.


Manufactured parts


Trained pilots


Renovations carried out