Avionics service


Our skilled technicians work alongside our team of young ambitious engineers. With this combination of professionalism, passion, knowledge and ambition we are rapidly flourishing as a company. Our high standards of modern working technique allow us to constantly expand our approval capability list.

Laboratory on wheels

We have mobile equipment for the diagnosis of avionics on board the aircraft. Our approval certificate allows us to services at the highest standard not only at our company but at the customers’ desired location.

Scope of work

Our avionics equipment and Staff do not limit our scope of work. We are gradually adjusting our scope of approval to the needs of our customers. The current range can be seen on our approval schedule. Currently avionics tests are being performed on aircrafts falling within the scope of approval alongside the modernization of avionics equipment. We are in cooperation with TRIG, an avionics equipment manufacturer, which allows us to offer attractive prices on upgrades.