Air Res Aviation

AirRes Aviation. Passion for flight

We have a modern, well equipped facilities. Our apron is located next to the Jasionka airport main runway so you can taxi straight in upon arrival. One of our main departments deals with the production and maintenance of historic aircraft.

Air Res Aviation is certified maintenance and service centre

We offer aircraft maintenance services (according to PART M/F) and continuous airworthiness maintenance (according to PART M, G). Air craft which are made in our company:  Textron Aviation, Tecnam, Evektor, Piper, Vulcanair, Socata. We also make modifications according to CS-STAN and painting.

Historic aircraft T-131 Jungmann

These amazing flying machines are built in our company according to the Czech license, based on original technical documentation. Majority of the elements remain unchanged in from Jungmann produced over 20 years ago. Our customers can choose the engine which will be installed in his aircraft such as LOM, Tigre, Lycoming or Titan. Based on the original design we have made an XXI century Jungmann T-131.

Aircraft repairs

Our company renovates historic aircraft. We can also manufacture wooden, metal and laminate parts. We can professionally cover the fuselage and wings.

Kit Planes

We assembly Kit aircraft such as Carbon Cub, Vans.