Intro Flight

What is an introduction flight?

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to fly a plane and dreamed of trying it, then a introduction flight is just for you. You can try chances in aviation by flying with an instructor, during which you will learn the ins and outs of piloting an aircraft.

The preview flight consists of 3 parts:

  • Pre-flight preparation, during which you will learn basic information about navigation, aviation law or meteorology, as well as learn about flight planning;
  • Pre-start inspection, which is the moment when you will have the first contact with the pilot’s cabin. During inspection, you will learn the most important elements of the construction of the aircraft and cockpit, as well as what to look for before each flight;
  • The flight, which will last about 1 hour, during which you will be able to take off with the instructor and try your hand at piloting the plane. You’ll also learn about basic instruments that help pilots operate an aircraft, as well as how to conduct proper radio correspondence.


  • Min. 16 years of age (you need written consent your parent/legal custodian if you are under the age of 16)

Aircraft type

  • Tecnam P2008JC


  • 890 PLN(VAT incl.)/hour

Scheduled flight dates

  • Time limit set individually

Advantages of our school

  • Qualified instructors
  • Modern fleet of aircraft equipped with Glass Cockpit
  • In the immediate vicinity of the large transport airport Rzeszów – Jasionka
  • Comfortable access both from Rzeszów and from other places of Poland
  • Nice and helpful service
  • Attractive training prices in case you want to continue your passion for aviation.

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