Flight instructor rating FI(A)


The FI(A) instructor’s rating allows you to perform the commercial work of an aircraft instructor and gain further flight experience. Obtaining an FI(A) is the beginning of an instructor’s career and an opportunity to develop teaching skills that are highly desirable in the further path of a pilot’s career.

Training is done on Tecnam P2008JC aircraft.

By participating in fi(a) training in our organization, you have the chance to learn from experienced instructors and airline pilots.

After completing the course and passing the skill test, you will receive an FI(A)R, which is a restricted instructor’s permission, and this restriction is removed after 100 hours as an instructor and the supervision of at least 25 solo flights.

Possibility of accommodation in school apartments for the duration of training!


  • Min. age 18
  • First Class Medical Certificate
  • Obtain a CPL(A) license or have at least 200 hours TT including 150 hours PIC if you have a PPL(A) license
  • Within the 6 months preceding the start of the training, pass the qualifying flight


  • Theory – check out next trainings
  • Practice – 23000 PLN (all additional fees included)

Planned dates of theoretical training

  • 2nd half of April 2024

Training course process


Theoretical training consists of 125 hours of theory from subjects such as:

  • Learning process
  • Teaching process
  • Training philosophy
  • Student assessment and examination – student performance assessment
  • Human capabilities and limitations related to flight training


Practical training is 30 hours of flying modern aircraft Tecnam P2008JC

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