Commercial Pilot License CPL(A)


A CPL(A) entitles a pilot to fly for profit and to act as commander of an aircraft or co-pilot in air transport. The practical training programme covers 25 hours of flight time, including 10 hours of instrument basic training (BIFM module). In addition, our program contains basic UPRT elements.

Training takes place on Tecnam P2008JC and Socata TB-20 Trinidad aircraft.

The advantage of CPL(A) training in our organization is the direct location at the controlled airport Rzeszów Jasionka, where you can fully learn about operational procedures and aviation phraseology, as well as master the necessary skills for performing commercial flights.

Possibility of accommodation in school apartments for the duration of training!


  • Minimum age 18 years
  • PPL(A) License
  • CPL(A) or ATPL(A) theoretical training completed
  • Min. 150 h TT (including at least 50 h of commander’s raid)
  • First or Second Class Medical Certificate


  • Practice – 21300 PLN Brutto (all additional fees included)

Planned dates of practical training

  • Schedule set individually

Training course process

Practical training consists of a minimum of 25 hours of flight time. It includes Basic IR components (10 hours) and 5 hours of flight time on an aircraft equipped with a retractable landing gear, an variable pitch propeller and can carry 4 people (for this purpose we use the Socata TB20 Trinidad aircraft). After completion of the training, you must pass the state theoretical examination in ULC and then the practical exam with the ULC examiner instructor.

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